Holiday, midcentury travel magazine returns to print


Originally published in Philadelphia by the Curtis Publishing Company from 1946 to 1977, this magazine was promoting the glamour of travel to post-war sophisticated households. Its uniqueness was to be found into its original editorial formula, which implied to hire the world’s most famous writers, such as Ernest Hemingway, John Steinbeck, Jack Kerouac or Truman Capote, and leading photographers, like Robert Capa, Henry Cartier-Bresson, Edward Steichen, Fred Siebel or Slim Aarons, giving them a free hand and a generous budget to travel to a chosen location and interpret the subject in whatever way they wished. This concept pushed by the magazine Art Director, Frank Zachary, allowed Holiday to position itself for three decades as the most aspiring and cosmopolitan publication for luxurious vacation and lifestyle. Indeed, what Vogue did for fashion, Holiday did for destinations. However, with the magazine circulation suffering in the 1970s, the company eventually sold Holiday to its a competition.

“What Vogue did for fashion, Holiday did for destinations.”


Holiday covers: April 1953 (left), by Robert Capa; January 1959 (right), by Slim Aarons. Credits: The Gallagher Art Fashion Magazine Collection ; Copy Work by Gorman Studio.

Thirty-seven years later, the Paris-based art direction studio, Atelier Franck Durand – with Marc Beaugé as Editor-in-Chief and Franck Durand as Creative Director – chose to relaunch Holiday magazine as a bi-annual oversized publication, written in English and preserving the original spirit of quality and freedom, minus the millions flowing in and out. In terms of both form and content, the new Holiday’s edition begins where the old one left off. The first issue is numbered 373 and is combining journalistic adventure with a healthy dose of hedonism.

Inez Vinoodh

Inez and Vinoodh Indoors by Inez and Vinoodh, Holiday, Spring/Summer 2014.


“We kept the essence of the magazine, its quest for aesthetics. Holiday remains demanding regarding both pictures and stories. The idea of sending a writer on an extended report to deliver his or her vision of a place will remain the underlying theme linking the original Holiday to its new version.” – Franck Durand

Karim Sadli for Holiday

Suvi And Tyler by Karim Sadli, Holiday, Spring/Summer 2014.

This first issue takes the year 1969 as its freewheeling theme, blending fashion photography and reporting. It includes contributions from photographers Josh Olins, Karim Sadli and Mark Peckmezian, a short novel about Ibiza by novelist Arthur Dreyfus, an essay on the magazine’s history by Julien Neuville, a story on photographers Inez and Vinoodh’s New York loft and a profile of Madrid artist Remed, also chosen to appear on the cover with a fragment of his “Leonogone” painting.

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